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Annual review of Northern Star's Fortnite achievements

Chapter 4 Season 1: The first Major Grand Final of the year.

The year got off to a great start with Kiandro finishing in 37 Major 1 Grand Finals. In the Solo Victory Cash Cup, excellent skill was showcased as Vacan won all three games in the finals, securing the tournament victory. The Squad Zero Build Cash Cup also witnessed two tournament wins by DaeZinhoo and Yousri.

Chapter 4 Season 2: Young Talents in the Spotlight

Although the second season didn't feature competitions in the Major 2 Grand Finals, our young players gained experience and visibility. The 13-year-old Moneymaker and 15-year-old Tjino battled for a spot in the Majors during the Major 2 Surge Week, but after challenging games, they had to settle for 15th and 50th places.

In the Solo Victory Cash Cup, we witnessed another tournament victory as Moneymaker dominated the servers. In the Trio Zero Build Victory Cash Cup, history was made as our players Nigetin and Orb became the first team to win all three games in the final.

Chapter 4 Season 3: Securing a Spot in the Global Championship

Undoubtedly the most prominent player of the season, T3eny successfully crafted an incredible strategy in the Major 3 Grand Finals. As a result, T3eny secured a third-place finish, earning a spot in the Global Championship. In the same tournament, Moneymaker, who competed, claimed the 26th spot, showcasing himself as one of the world's most promising players. The momentum didn't stop, and our players gave their all in the Last Chance Major, where everyone who hadn't qualified for the Global Championship yet had one last opportunity. Moneymaker decided to pack his bags and travel to Denmark, as he finished sixth in the Last Chance Major, also securing a spot in the Global Championship.

Even in the Duo Zero Build Cash Cup, there was a tournament victory led by Moneymaker, further proving his skills throughout the season.

Chapter 4 Season 4: Global Chapmionship 2023

The Global Championship, one of the most significant tournaments in Fortnite history, brought together the best players of the year. Before the tournament, Northern Star had sold T3eny to EvozA Esports, and Moneymaker's contract had ended, meaning they had no players for the tournament. Northern Star signed contracts with the Polish player G13ras and the Brazilian player Stryker, securing their spots in the Global Championship.

The journey in the Global Championship began splendidly, with both players advancing to the Grand Finals through the first qualifiers. In the Grand Finals, G13ras and Stryker performed exceptionally well, securing 19th and 24th positions, respectively.

After the excitement of the Global Championship subsided, players returned to the season's conclusion, and Stryker won another Duo Cash Cup, also claiming another second position in the finals.

Year-End summary

This year brought Northern Star into the spotlight and solidified its position as one of the best organizations in Europe.

In total, Northern Star competed 301 times in Fortnite tournament finals, participated in 7 third-party LAN tournament finals, made it to the FNCS Grand Finals 5 times, and had two players in the Global Championship. This speaks volumes about the organization's competitiveness and makes them the best in the Nordics.



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