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Tinttu85, Multi-platform Streamer, is now representing Northern Star.

Tiina ''Tinttu85'' Korhonen strengthens Northern Star's Stream Team with her own contribution. Tinttu, who is gaining popularity on Twitch and TikTok, has become a familiar face among many young Finns due to her frequent streaming. Tinttu primarily streams Fortnite to her fans, but she believes that variability is vital. Due to that she is occasionally seen playing other games, such as Valorant.

Tinttu certainly invests in its content and wishes the best for its viewers. Throughout the month, she has gathered nearly 100 hours of streaming, significantly growing her brand. Her streams allow you to play numerous spectator games, engage in different events, and, most of all, connect with her directly!

We are excited to welcome Tinttu to our team! Tinttu will surely be performing live at our upcoming events as well as on our social media platforms!

Northern Star now has five Fortnite streamers:

  • Tiina ''Tinttu85'' Korhonen

  • Teemu ''Smoohti'' Saarni

  • Robin ''Kruuni'' Kronqvist

  • Saoirse ''iSaoirse'' Gallagher

  • Jerry ''Zuppeli'' Vainio



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