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The Finnish Fortnite giant entered into a strategic partnership with a leading nutrition company

Esports has always been about pushing limits, breaking down barriers, and reaching peak performance. In line with this approach, Northern Star Gaming is pleased to announce its latest partnership with MyProtein, a leading supplier of effective nutritional solutions.

This partnership marks a significant move forward in the evolution of Esports, as Northern Star Gaming and MyProtein join together to transform the way Esports athletes fuel their bodies and brains for top performance.

Northern Star Gaming's Esports athletes will have access to MyProtein's high-quality products, which are scientifically developed to improve energy, attention, and overall well-being. Whether it's pre-game feeding, in-game hydration, or post-game recovery, MyProtein has solutions tailored to the specific demands of esports players.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, product giveaways, and discounts as Northern Star Gaming and MyProtein start on a collaborative adventure to encourage innovation and quality in esports performance nutrition.

About MyProtein

How did it start?

Since 2004, MyProtein has followed its own unique path. It all started with a vision at the kitchen table. Since then, MyProtein has wanted to revolutionize its movement.

In 2011, Myprotein found its home in the THG family, which marked the beginning of a new exciting chapter. By 2016, it proudly claimed the title of the world's leading online sports nutrition brand, bringing you unparalleled quality protein, vitamins, and essential supplements conveniently delivered right to your door.

But MyProtein didn't just stop there. Just as your needs have evolved, so has MyProtein. MyProtein has expanded MP, Myvitamins, Myvegan and MyPRO, ensuring that whatever you need, they're here to help. Every step, every rep.

Read more about MyProtein and their products on their website! The link to the page can be found below:



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