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We've launched a new project for the year 2024. This is mostly targeted at young Finnish people who play video games. The project's goal is to promote Finnish Esports culture while simultaneously raising the level of Finnish players and increasing awareness of the competitive side of Esports.

Playing video games is a vital element of modern life, especially for young people. Video games have many advantages for individuals of all ages, and you can now easily make a professional career out of it. Did you know that video games, for example, improve cognitive skills, language and emotional skills, well-being, and social skills?

We believe we have a responsibility to the community because we are by far the best at Fortnite in Finland. We all know that Fortnite is the most popular and widely played game in the world, and the same goes for Finland. The level of competitiveness among Finns has decreased since 2020, but data show that it will rise again in 2024 as the number of Finnish players increases. So now is the moment to take charge.


Are you a young person interested in Esports industry? Is Fortnite in your game category? Through us, you have the chance to become a future Fortnite star. Every six months, we recruit new motivated players to join the program, with the goal of developing and establishing a solid basis for an possible Esports career.

The program is looking for six players to start training with Northern Star. After half a year, the players should have basic knowledge and a solid basis for self-improvement without training. Those who excel in development will have the opportunity to join Northern Star Gaming's academy team. At best, journeys can lead to the main team.

You can apply for the program on our Discord Server in December and May. You can join the server here.

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